Dale Roberts Comics buys & sells comic books from the 1940s and onwards. We maintain a wide selection of Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age comics & collectibles, but specialize in high grade Silver & Bronze Age, raw & CGC graded.

Dale Roberts Comics is owned & operated by Dale Roberts, a 20 year veteran of the comic book collecting world.

I have been in the comic book business since 1990 and have collected since the early 1970s. I managed a small comic book store in Paducah, KY for a couple of years and then began doing smaller conventions and flea markets in the early 1990s.

Beginning in 1994, I started doing some of the larger national conventions and by 1996, I was selling comics full time.

Since then, I have done hundreds of conventions and purchased and sold tens of thousand of comics.

My selling philosophy

Happy customers are returning customers. I think there is room in this hobby/business to make a profit, but still treat the customer right.

As my long term customers already know, I do my best to grade fairly (as close as I can to CGC standards), and price my stuff as reasonably as I can. I always disclose restoration, and if I miss something, I will refund your purchase.

Why you should shop with DRC

Do you get tired of going to your local store or convention and seeing the same books the guy has been carrying forever with nothing new and nothing you need?

I have an extensive inventory. Thousands and thousands of comics. And I am constantly getting in fresh inventory. I buy books practically every week, and I will be listing new items on the website every week.

If you don't see something you need, let me know and I will try to find it for you. And I will always do my best to treat you fairly.