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Origin of Captain America, Sub-Mariner, and Human Torch, 1st revival since the Golden Age, John Romita draws Captain America (his first work since coming back from the war), Bill Everett art on Subby
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Classic Schomburg World War 2 cover, Al Bellman art, the Whizzer begins
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Russ Heath art
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Russ Heath art and 2 Everett stories
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Exceptional copy of this classic 1st issue featuring Millie, Tessie, Hedy,  Kurtzman Hey Look! Might even make 9.0
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Trapped in Space! Classic sci fi cover!
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Canadian printing, with inside blank cover, Flying Saucer cover
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Classic Bill Everett horror cover, back cover detached at bottom staple, still attached at front cover and at top staple, supple and readable
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