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Origin issue by Jack Kirby!  Super tough to find classic issue!  
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 1st full appearance of X-23, the new Wolverine (female clone of Logan)
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 1st full appearance of Venom! Todd McFarlane art
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 1st appearance of Dr Strange, the Ancient One , Nightmare, and Wong.  Nice copy with solid eye appeal.
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 1st Silver Age appearance of Captain America!  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby classic
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 1st comic appearance of Conan the Barbarian!  Barry Smith art! Unbelievably tight grade. I should probably crack it and send it to CGC.
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1st appearance of Fin Fang Foom!   Exceptional example of this issue!
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Origin and 1st appearance of Iron Man, who has become the central point of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe!  Stan Lee story and Jack Kirby and Don Heck art.
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