Science fiction cover and stories in the EC style, great Feldstein Atomic Explosion cover
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Classic Flying Saucers over Washington DC cover and story, Feldstein, Kamen, Wood, Kurtzman art
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Northford Pedigree
Exceptional copy of this rarely offered EC Classic from the Northford Pedigree, cover and art by Wally Wood, with art by Jack Kamen and Joe Orlando
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Classic Wally Wood cover and art, great science fiction stories in the EC style with Jack Kamen, Orlando art
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Classic Wally Wood GGA cover, art by Williamson/Frazetta/Krenkel, Jack Kamen, and Joe Orlando, crazy story in which 50 men and women agree to be frozen to populate a far off planet, but one man takes the opportunity to take advantage of one woman per year, but things don't work out like he planned
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